BVI Visas

Nationals of certain countries require visas to enter the British Virgin Islands. The BVI Government has had a change of policy in this regard. If a national has a UK, USA or Canadian visa, valid for at least six months, they may enter the country without a BVI visa for a maximum of six months. All others must apply for a visa waiver (only granted once) or a full BVI Visa (valid for 6-12 months). We can obtain both the visa waiver (where applicable) and the BVI visas on behalf of clients. The visa waivers can be obtained in advance. The visas we obtain upon arrival of the yacht. For a visa the passport must have one clear page, front and back to take the embossed BVI visa.

On arrival of a yacht, we take the completed application forms, two identical passport size photos (must have a white back ground and no teeth showing) and the relevant passports and obtain the visa(s). It is a requirement in this instance that the yacht comes to Road Harbour in case the authorities wish to interview the applicants. Once we have the vessel's clearance documents and visa forms, the vessel may move off to its preferred anchorage. We will not be able to clear the vessel until the visas have been issued, which may take 1-2 days. However, we keep Customs and Immigration advised of the yacht's status. Once all formalities have been completed, we will liaise with our client for a suitable time for the documents to be collected.