Special Customs & Immigration Clearance

The Shore Side advantage allows you to go directly to your preferred anchorage North Sound, Virgin Gorda Great Harbour, Peter Island The Bight, Norman Island, etc. In order to facilitate this clearance, and indeed any other clearance, we need the following information emailed to us 24 hours ahead of your arrival (if you plan to arrive over a weekend, we require all your information the Friday before at the latest): .

Ships Registration Document Crew List - to include date and place of issue of passport and individual crew members home addresses. Passenger List as above.


Number of jet skis onboard (these have to be declared on the Customs declaration as their use in the BVI is banned) Last port of call, proposed next port of call Dates of arrival and departure.

[Please note that the names on the crew and passenger lists must exactly match the names in the passport no abbreviations please! All dates should be given [dd/mm/yy] .READ ON